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Military Order of The Cootie

Grand of Oregon

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Updated  3/10/2017 


Our Insignificant Grand Commander:

From: Dan AckermanRicochet.Shavetail@gmail.com

Listen up COOTIES

The C of A is < than 3 weeks. Get your election DONE before the C of A.

Here’s the AGENDA for the C of A.

Friday March 31st Registration around 16:00 at the Red Lion. Hospitality in same room.

Saturday Audits 08:00 – 08:30 there shouldn’t be a lot to go over there was one two months earlier.

08:30 Gavel DOWN meeting starts. I know that we usually start at 09:00. But want to spend time in meeting or MUSEUM?

18:00 Dinner of Lasagna, Pasta, Salad, Desert and Drinks (Coffee,Tea)  @ $17.00 per person. Awards and Installation of NEW Officers at the Hotel

I haven’t heard the status of James Howell, However I know that Donations for the Family from other pup tents throughout the Country are coming in for the Family of the Howells.


Dan “Ricochet” Ackerman

      Grand Commander

Message Body:
LOOK at WHAT WE Can Do to Help OUR OWN…..  Comrade Dan,                   The Department of Virginia will be sending a donation check for the Howell family. The Department Commander Tom Gimble FWD the email from you to all Virginia Officers, District Commander and Post Commanders. Oregon Department and Grand is in all Virginia’s thought and prayers. Department of Virginia  Surgeon Eric Mallett Eric Mallett Training Spec Sr, Human Resources BAE Systems, Norfolk Ship Repair 750 West Berkley Avenue Norfolk, VA 23523 Desk Phone: 757-494-2986 Fax: 757-494-4031 Cellular phone: 757-714-9066 eric.mallett@baesystems.com —–Original Message—– From: VA State Commander [mailto:cdr@va.vfwwebmail.com]  Sent: Monday, March 06, 2017 1:19 PM To: VA Officers Subject: Fwd: Request for Assistance *** WARNING *** EXTERNAL EMAIL — This message originates from outside our organization. Comrades  The Department of Virginia will be sending $500 for this very sad but worthy cause. Tom Gimble —– Forwarded Message —– From: “VFW Webmail” <cdr@va.vfwwebmail.com> To: “VA Officers” <vaofficers@va.vfwwebmail.com> Sent: Monday, March 6, 2017 9:30:56 AM Subject: Request for Assistance Please pass this to your members it is a real tragedy Tom The below email is from the Grand Commander of Oregon as king all Grand and PT for help. The Post Commander lost his wife Cootie Howell ‎and 5 children in a house fire. Would like to have this email FWD to all Post and District Commanders so they can also help by making a donation. Thanks Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. From: Ken & Marcia EGGERS <eggerskf@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, March 5, 2017 10:08 To: Lynch, Jill A CIV NSLC NFSH; Area 3 Council (mjdelvecchio@gmail.com); Area 5 Council; Grand Commander; Grand COS; Goodall, Kathleen CIV NOSC Norfolk Supply, Berthing Coordinator; Grand Hospital; Grand President; Grand QM; Winn, Mark, NAVSUP HQ N65, OIS PMO; ‘hpschupska@cox.net‘; PT 1 Hungry Cootie; PT 1 Shep; PT 13 CCDB; PT 13 Hungry Cootie; PT 13 SS; PT 14 CCDB; PT 14 SS; PT 16 CCDB; PT 17 CCDB; PT 17 Hungry Cootie; PT 17 SS; PT 2 CCDB; PT 2 Hungry Cootie; PT 2 SS; PT 5 CCDB; PT 9 CCDB; PT 9 Hungry Cootie; PT 9 SS; lams88101@outlook.com; william.moran@norfolk.gov; seawolf6469@gmail.com; Ken & Marcia EGGERS; Mallett, Eric (US) Reply To: Ken & Marcia EGGERS Subject: Family of the Grand of Oregon

Message Body:
Listen up COOTIES,    I have received a meal quote for the Banquet at the C of A on the 1st ofApril in McMinnville.      Dinner will consist of Traditional Meat Lasagna, Pasta Alfredo with Summer Vegetables (Seasonal Veggies) Garlic Herb Focaccia, Garden Slad with Home Made ranch and Seasonal Vinaigrette, Dinner Rolls with Butter. Desert Two layer Chocolate Cake, Coffee Tea or Water. The price is $17.00 per person.            This is the cheapest price and they supply Disposable tablewear so EASY CLEAN UP!!!    So let either myself or Bob Gore know how many orders need to be submitted….                          Now for an update on OUR Fallen Cootie Tabitah Howell and the Memorial Fund in Her and Family’s memory…    James (Husband and Father) remains in serious condition. If you may or may not have heard I sent out an Email thru the Supreme as Grand Commander to ALL Grand Commanders throughout the Supreme to “Pass the Hat around”, Well I’m happy to inform the Grand so far the GRAND of VIRGINA has sent $500.00 the Oregon Department Headquarters. Cheryl Campos is setting up a spreadsheet to track ALL funds the are coming from otherPuptents and Grands. AgainI ask that each Puptent in THIS Grand to do at a Min. $25.00 if your puptent can swing it more ia ALWAYS welcomed. I was at puptent #6 (Carry Ons)  Yesterday and I know that they are going to be higher than the requested $25.00….  I will send you the email that was sent by the Virgina Grand Commander, VERY nice and I was told that the Challenge from the Grand of Virgina to the Eastern States was to “Match or Beat US” what HELL of a FAMILY WE HAVE…        Hold you Elections before the C of A See YOU in McMinnville    L.O.T.C.S.      Dan ” Ricochet” Ackerman  Grand Commander



Dan “Ricochet” Ackerman

Grand Commander


National Cootie Hospital Visitation Day 2/12/2017

Pup Tents 1 and 17 & MOCA visit The Portland VA Medical Center




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