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Pup Tent #6. Carry On

  630 Hood Street

  Salem, Oregon

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“CARRY ON PUP TENT 6 meets on the 1st Sunday monthly at VFW Post 661, 630 Hood St, Salem, Oregon at 2 p.m.

Pup Tent 6 was Chartered in 1937.  Its 2015 membership stood at 25 Cooties.

Pup Tent 6 Officers:

Seam Squirrel:  Jesus “Monty” Montes

Blanket Bum:     Dennis Pratt

Hide Gimlet:       Rex Smith

CCDB:                  Kerry Wymetalek

Sky Pilot:              Wes Larson

Tight Wad #1:      Larry Alexander

Tightwad #2:        Mark Smith

Tightwad #3:        Robert Berg

Hungry Cootie:     Kerry Wymetalek

Hospital  Chairman:  Larry Alexander

Keeper of the Crummy Records:  Kerry Wymetalek